Clean Water Dirty Water : Science Project Idea

How lucky are you to be able to drink clean water each day of your life? Very lucky indeed. Do you know that even today many countries do not have safe drinking water available for their children to consume? That some places tap water is likely to give you diseases such as Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid or Dengue?And that’s if you are lucky to have a tap in your house as there are homes that get no running water supply at all.

In fact to illustrate just how much dirty water can affect you, recently Dirty Water Vending Machines were placed in Manhattan. You could for a dollar buy water that “contained” the germs of all these different diseases. This awareness campaign is being run by the UNICEF. The money collected goes to the UNICEF fund.

So make sure that you are not wasting all that lovely clean water that runs in your tap at home. Open the taps for just as long as needed and use the water judiciously. Remember that there is a child in the world who is not as lucky as you and has to walk ten miles to get a drink of water from the well near by.

Speaking of water, what about an experiment with another liquid that we all like, Soda Pop. This is a fun science experiment that can also be used as a science project. Have fun trying it out.

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