User Controlled TV

The film that you are watching has a preset plot and characters that walk you through it. You sit back and watch the show as it unfolds as a mute spectator. Now imagine that the characters turn to you mid dialogue and ask you for your advice in what to do next! Does it sound like you fell asleep while watching the film and are now dreaming?

It may not really be necessary that you are dreaming. In fact user controlled TV is coming soon. These choose your own adventure type of stories will require input from the watchers to develop the story line along many possibilities. You can choose what the characters will do next, rather like some gaming apps at present.

Netflix recently launched it’s first interactive film, Bandersnatch. Now it’s successful reception has led the producers to consider making two full series of interactive adventures. One will be an animated series for children in a futuristic-medieval world. The other is an action based adventure for adults.

Would you consider it a cool scientific experiment to make your characters climb a mountain instead of entering a jungle? Who knows what else you will be able to make them do in the future!

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