Rage Welcome Here

As a society we are not very tolerant of people who tend to lose their temper frequently. However as any mental health expert will tell you, anger is a valid emotion and needs to be addressed in a healthy manner. Holding on to your rage is eventually going to show up as high blood pressure and cardiac problems, possibly even a stroke that could leave you paralyzed.

Being able to release your rage in a controlled environment is the key. You get to vent it all out, safely, without hurting yourself or anyone else. People at the AXE Rage Room in Jordan, Amman, have to agree that smashing things like televisions, computer screens and other old discarded junk is rather liberating.

Another way they deal with their anger is by writing their problems on a blackboard and targeting them. Yes somewhat similar to throwing darts on the photographs of your ex, your mean boss and other who may bother you, it seems to release all that rage in a controlled and healthy way. Now there’s a science experiment that couples undergoing a divorce may like to participate it!

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