Antibiotics are Cause for River Contamination

When we think of Antibiotics we think in positive terms. Life saving drugs that made a huge difference in our fight against many diseases that used to be fatal. Our very survival as a species was helped by the discovery and administration of Antibiotics, so it’s going to be difficult to think of them as a contaminant. A serious problem causing harm to life in waterways around the world.

As humankind gives antibiotic treatments to themselves, they happily share the powerful drugs with their domesticated livestock and cultivated plants. This means the drugs are mixed in the feed and fertilizers on many farms. Not all of it is consumed by the intended targets and often there is a run off of the excess Antibiotics that gets absorbed by rivers in the region.

As global study of rivers around the world has revealed that countries like Bangladesh, Kenya, Ghana, Pakistan and Nigeria have the highest concentration of Antibiotics in their rivers. 14 commonly used antibiotics were found in rivers of as many as 72 countries. The levels are dangerously high as per the scientific study and could cause major damage to the plants and fish living in the rivers. This is a global problem that needs to be addressed before it causes more damage than it already has.

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