Why Flyers Misbehave

We have all been on that flight where a co-passenger is found being loud, rude and obnoxious. The incident can affect flight safety, cause delays for the airline and disrupt the passenger’s peace of mind. The International Air Transport Association has recorded one disruptive incident for every 1053 flights in the year 2017. In the year 2016 it was one such incident for every 1424 flights.

Flying is never a stress free activity, and having badly behaved people only adds to the unpleasantness. This is why it would be handy if we knew what made people who were quite decent on the ground, suddenly become rube in the air. To this purpose the Atmosphere Research Group, a travel analysis firm, came up with a study.

The factors that may contribute to disruptive behavior according to the study have been many. A few of which include less number of flight attendants on duty, crowding in the economy class seats, fear of crashing, boarding through the first class section rather than the midsection of the plane, and presence of people from multiple classes of life. The scientific study shows that as the stress level on people increases due to one or a combination of factors, they tend to become more aggressive in the closed space.

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