Vitamins And Heart Disease

Vitamins are important for human health. This has been established by studies down the years by researchers. Having vitamin C ensure that your immune system works well. Vitamin A helps you maintain good eyesight, and so forth with other vitamins. However, even now the researchers are discovering new ways in which vitamins can help the human body.

At the John Hopkins University in the United States, researchers led by Professor Guoying Wang have been studying the effect of vitamin D deficiency in children. The study co-relates the deficiency of the vitamin in early childhood to an increased risk of elevated systolic blood pressure in them as adults.

Systolic blood pressure refers to the higher number in the two readings of a blood pressure. This figure reflects the amount of pressure exerted by the blood on the artery walls as the heart beats. The lower number refers to the diastolic reading.

High levels of systolic blood pressure can indicate an elevated risk of cardiovacular disease even if the diastolic level is normal. Simply put if you have suffered from vitamin D deficiency as a kid, you are at a great risk of getting a heart attack as an adult. Now that’s useful information from this science project.

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