Death Defying Roaches

A common insect that may be feared by the majority of the population is the cockroach. This insect has the ability to breed quickly and population levels can increase drastically if they take root within an area of your home. The exterminating of cockroaches has traditionally been done using chemical sprays that kill them. Especially in cases of large spread infestation.

Unfortunately Purdue University researchers have found out that if a cockroach survives an insecticide treatment, they tend to develop an immunity to it. Not only will that chemical be rendered ineffective against the cockroach, it will also pass on the immunity to it’s offspring. This results in a larger population of cockroaches that are immune to most traditionally used insecticides.

Michael Scharf, professor of entomology (That’s the study of insects) says that within a generation they can register a four to six fold increase in resistance to a spray that the parent has survived. As more chemical immunity builds up in these insects, the professor feel that cockroach populations will continue to boom. Their scientific study recommends exploring non chemical methods of pest control in the future to have any kind of effect against the burgeoning population of roaches.

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