AI to Help Spot Spoilers

Have you ever felt frustrated when you came across a spoiler from a television show that you were yet to see? Simply browsing the internet and going through your social media accounts is enough to tell you about how a particular game ended before you get to watch the recording. In order to help people avoid such spoilers scientists have come up with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can flag potential spoilers in online reviews.

Mengting Wan is associated with SpolierNet, a dataset with spoiler annotations on a very large scale. The computer science student has found that spoiler sentences usually tend to be clumped together towards the end of a review. The tool, SpoilerNet has been able to trace spoilers with an accuracy of 89 to 92%. This means that when you use this tool you are much less likely to be hit with spoilers than if you are simply browsing the net.

Naturally SpoilerNet is a tool which will constantly need to be updated, but the researchers are hoping to program it in such a way that the tool can make use of AI to train itself. The science project based on this innovative artificial intelligence tool may lead to revolutionizing the way we save ourselves from unwanted spoilers online.

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