Climate Change is Real!

For a number of years scientists have been telling the general population about global warming. They have spoken about how the activities of humankind have sped up the process and led to climate change. While a number of more responsible people have sat up and taken notice, there are still plenty of those who refuse to believe that change in the climate can lead to the drastic catastrophes that the scientists claim.

Here’s the proof supported by scientific studies. Researchers at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, conducted a study on a species of birds called mountain wagtails. It was found that as the temperature increased these birds became lighter. The scientific reasoning is that larger animals can survive cold weather better, but in warmer climate with scare food, it is the smaller animals that survive best.

Another study of the Thwaites Glacier in the Antarctica shows that it is on the brink of melting really fast. The rate of ice loss for this and five other glaciers in the are has doubled in just six years. The 70,000 square mile glacier would raise the sea levels across the world at a much higher rate than previously expected. This will lead to coastlines flooding over all continents.

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