400 Kg Thigh Bone Found

When we think of bones, that massive weight does not come to mind. After all just how heavy can human, chicken, goat or even buffalo bones be? The largest bones we see in daily life may not weight more than 20 kgs, even if they came from a large animal. So how did a 400 kg bone surface? When you understand that it’s the femur of a dinosaur, it will definitely make more sense.

This colossal bone was found in France near a wine growing village at the vast Angeac-Charente palaeontological site near Bordeaux. It is a site which is popular with both experts and amateur volunteers. In all the discoveries that have been uncovered at the site, this thigh bone of a Sauropod is surely a unique and unparalleled discovery. Sauropods¬†are a subgroup of the saurischian, or “lizard-hipped,” dinosaurs.

The Sauropod were the largest land animals to roam the Earth. The massive dinosaur was considered to be a plant eating vegetarian. Researchers have estimated that the dinosaur had a long neck and tail. The four legged herbivore was about 59 feet tall on average. No wonder the bone of this scientific discovery made in France was 400 kgs.

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