How Genuine Is Your Smile?

A smile is your best feature as per body language experts. It helps you break the ice with strangers, make friends feel welcome and show your family your love and affection. Yet, a smile can also be fake. A fact that many people have noticed without the help of technology, however this software can help tell fake smiles from real ones.

Professor Hassan Ugail at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom said that we use two main sets of muscles when we smile. The zygomaticus major is responsible for the upward curling of the mouth. The orbicularis oculi caused the crinkling around the eye. The software analyses the movements of the eyes, mouth and cheeks to spot genuine smiles.

In a fake smile the mouth movement takes place, but the eye muscles don’t move. Genuine smiles exhibit at least 10% more muscle movement than false posed smiled. For human beings not able to pick up the subtle clues of a fake smile, this software would help. The science project may see further use by scientists working to gain insights into human behavior and emotions.

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