Decorating a Science Fair Project Board

A science fair project is incomplete without its display board. It is often the presentation of the project which will catch the eye of the judges rather than the project itself. That is why it is important to pay attention to how you set up the display board. After all that is what the judges at the science fair will see before you present the project to them.

And as everyone knows first impressions are last impressions. So you need to make sure that your display board makes the best impression possible. And to do that you will have to structure it out well. First off you need to decide what your board will say and what you will cover in the presentation. Do not merely repeat what is already written on the display board.

Then you need to decorate the display board. Merely pasting printed pages on the board is not enough. There has to be some personal effort involved in the decoration. Get those creative cells thinking about how you may make the display board look nice and attractive. Think of colors and materials that you can use. You can get more details on how to enhance your display here. So read it through.

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