How does cold water affect your voice

Many voice artists take good care of their voices by avoiding a number of food and drink items.  These include a number of spicy foods and aerated drinks. It also includes drinking chilled water. Here we will take the help of a science experiment to see if a singer’s voice gets adversely affected by drinking cold water.

You will need some equipment to record your voice. You can use a mic with the PC as well. Some cold water. A volunteer to sing or you can do it on your own. The hypothesis that we are testing is that drinking cold water makes it difficult for a person to sing naturally. For this we will have to make two sound recordings of the same person singing the same song.

Once before the person drinks cold water and the second time immediately after the person has drunk a glass of cold water. You can pick any song that the person can sing comfortably. It does not have to be some difficult tune, the alphabet song or happy birthday to you will do. Just make sure that they know that they must sing the same song both before and after drinking the cold water.

Now record the observations you have made of the two different sound tracks. Does the voice quality get affected by the cold water? Now this science project will prove if the singers really need to avoid cold water or not.

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